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Technology Platforms

Technology Platforms

Technology Platforms

IHS campus is located in the center of Shanghai, enjoying not only the convenience of life, but also the easy access to the resources in the medical school next door, and in a major hospital nearby (5 minutes in walking). The 70,000 square feet research laboratories in the two buildings with most of the research and development functions assure the convenience of the research work and contribute a lot to attract high-rank scientists to work at the institute. In order to provide the scientists powerful research tools, IHS has invested over 20 million RMB since it establishment to purchase the state-of-art research facilities, in addition to the renovation of the research buildings in the campus. The major equipments in the core facility include a complete Affimatrix microarray set (spotting and scanning system), a flow cytometer (analytical and cell sorter), a DNA polymorphism analysis system, and a real-time quantitative PCR system, etc. IHS used a variety of means such as purchasing, sharing, leasing and transferring to achieve such acquisition, and hired a group of technical staff to support the users. The core facility, located on the first, fourth and seventh floors of the Research Building 1, occupies an area of more than 300 m2 and hosts commonly used equipment and facility necessary in molecular biology, cell biology, immunology, genetics and stem cell research. In addition, based on principles of exchange and resource sharing, IHS has established, via the collaboration with Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine, biotechnology general resource platforms in immunology, micro-array, stem cell technology, molecular and cell biology, and participated in the establishment of technical platform of genetic manipulation of model animals. A clinical oriented core facility was also set up at IHS to promote the clinical research and technology platforms like pathology, medical genetics, etc.

The Stem Cell Platform
Since the re-organization of the Key Laboratory of Stem Cell Biology, the stem cell platform is stronger and can provide more services than before. In order to promote the stem cell research in Shanghai and China or international. We currently provide the following services and technology support: the establishment of human embryonic stem cells, mouse embryonic stem cells, mouse embryonic stem cells and mouse embryonic fibroblasts, and hands-on training on stem cell culture and feeder preparation.
Contact: WANG Weicheng

The Proteomics Platform for Human Diseases
With the high-throughput LC-based protein isolation and the MS-based protein identification and sequencing, as well as the analysis of PTM, we are now able to perform information extraction and functional analysis of proteins related to human diseases, including identification of disease biomarkers and drug targets.
Contact: WANG Lishun

The Animal Model Platform for Human Diseases
With this platform, our scientists are able to take advantage of the complementary biological models of mice and zebrafish to establish routine technologies for transgene, gene knock-in and knock-out, etc, develop novel genetically engineered mouse and zebrafish models which can be used for dissecting genetic pathways, and establish approaches to studies in diseaseassociated mechanisms and pharmacologic screening.
Contact: DENG Min, CHEN Yi

The Genetic Analysis Platform for Human Diseases
With the high-throughput DNA sequencing analysis system, researchers can analyze various DNA fragments. The Affymetrix gene chip platform is a new high-throughput technology which could be applied to various research fields, including SNP genotyping and CNV analysis, genomic resequencing, gene and transcript expression analysis, microRNA expression analysis and gene regulation analysis.
Contact: ZHENG Hancheng

The Cell Analysis Platform
This platform provides means of cellular morphological analysis, flow cytometry analysis, cell sorting and identification of molecular interactions. Flow cytometry is being used to detect and analyze antigens on the surfaces of cell membranes, intracellular antigens, cytokines and nucleic acid content. Laser scanning confocal microscopy allows observation of the morphostructure and composition of fixed or living tissues and cells, research into physiological indexes (such as Ca2+ concentration, pH, membrane potential etc.) and changes in cell morphology.
Contact: MIAO Xiang

The Human Tissue Bank (HTB)
Tumor tissues, peri-cancer tissues and normal tissues are collected, processed and stored in the HTB, utilizing standard operation procedures (SOPs), with consent by patients and in accordance with ethics regulations. With the tissue management software, all the patients' information can be well organized for the purpose of relevant cancer research.

The Stem Cell GMP Facility
In 2011, the Institute of Health Sciences established a clinical level GMP facility, strictly following the requirements of China National GMP standards. The facility conducts all the procedures, including theisolation, cultivation, and preparation of stem cells. Applied research of stem cells is professionally performed inside this facility. Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) derived from human tissues are isolated, cultured and their biological properties determined, all of which greatly support studies and applications of stem cells, as well asimmunology, biopharmacology and the development stem cell products. Overall, the GMP facility provides an key platform for the integrated utilization of stem cells, allows for breakthroughs in stem cell researches and training biological researchers with high quality.
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