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Faculty and Staff

Principal Investigators
Research Group Tel
Laboratory of Immunology and Tissue Stem Cell 86-21-63849265
Laboratory of Immunohematology 86-21-63844597
Laboratory of Tumor Genomics 86-21-63852648
Laboratory of Applied Genetics 86-21-63852742
Laboratory of Molecular Genetics 86-21-63844296
Laboratory of Biochemistry and Molecular Pharmacilogy 86-21-63852734
Laboratory of Stem Cell Research 86-21-63852792
Laboratory of Molecular Cardiology 86-21-63852597
Laboratory of Development and Diseases 86-21-63855944
Laboratory of Neurogenomics 86-21-64370045-611209
Laboratory of Nucleic acids & Molecular Medicine 86-21-54920610
Laboratory of B Cell and Autoantibody 86-21-63852721
Laboratory of Immunity and Diseases 86-21-63852804
Laboratory of Immune Regulation and Tolerance 86-21-54920602
Laboratory of Tumor Metastasis 86-21-64846925
Laboratory of Tumor and Stem Cell 86-21-63842973
Laboratory of Cancer Stem Cell and Targeted Therapy  
Laboratory of T cells differentiation and tolerance  
Laboratory of Signal Transduction and Human Diseases  
Laboratory of Leukemia Systems Biomedicine 86-21-64370045-610604
Laboratory of Pathogenesis of Leukemia 86-21-64370045-610604
Laboratory of Orthopaedic Cellular & Molecular Biology 86-21-63844271
Laboratory of Endocrine & Metabolic Diseases 86-21-63847953
Laboratory of Neurodegenerative Diseases 86-21-64457249
Laboratory of Molecular Rheumatology 86-21-63854204
Laboratory of Vascular Biology 86-21-63848654
Laboratory of Tumor Metabolism 86-21-63857368
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